Think pink

So, I kind of promised Oscar and myself I wouldn’t do any shopping until at least after summer. I literally said that at the airport on our way back from London. But my mom and I where out yesterday, and I found some things on sale at H&M. Not good. But I did get some really cute things, so I’m happy too!

So I’m obviously liking pink lately. I really loved the “fluffy” top from H&M. When I first saw it, I just thought “wtf is that?” and when I tried it I thought “wtf why do I love this, I need this”. So I had to get it. I also got a pair of jeans, and a cute beanie.

A supercute notebook from Søstrene Grene.

Yarn from Nille.

I saw these pink pillows at Princess, and we figured since we where on a streak of pink, we should just get these too.

We had a great day yesterday, and had chillidogs for dinner at Blast. We also watched a movie and relaxed, before going to bed, pretty late. Today I’m making my mom help me organize my closet and clothes. I actually want to make our store room a walk in closet, but nobody likes my idea. I’ll figure something out though.

– Sara