Movies to watch

Hello! This week I saw two great movies, that I wanted to share. I love movies that are based on something, or true stories. It kind of gives you a different impression of things.

The first one is The Imitation Game. I went to the movies last weekend and saw it, and it was such a great movie. The story is about Alan Turing, a british mathematician, logician, computer scientist and cryptanalyst. To say it short and simple; he was hired by the British governmemt to crack the Nazis’ Enigma code during the World War ll. Alan Turing was later prosecuted for homosexual acts, wich was illegal in the UK at that time.

I would really recommend seeing The Imitation Game, it was exciting, fun and sad all at once. Benedict Cumberbatch was perfect for the role too. I loved it!

The other movie I recently watched, is The Theory of Everything. A movie about Stephen Hawkings life. It shows you how he met his first wife, Jane Wilde, and how he started losing his ability to walk and talk.

This was also a very touching movie, and Eddie Redmayne was perfect for the role of Stephen.

Both movies have such facinating stories, and they are absolutely worth watching. I felt like I learned a lot after seeing them. So check them out!

– Sara