Outfit; Cold summer

So, I took some pictures a few days ago that I never posted. This month has been so rainy, and we had like 7 days out of 31 without rain. I’m kind of ready for freaking summer. So my outfits have been trying to look summery without freezing my ass off.
Tops, pants and shoes (everything I’m wearing basically) – H&M / Cat – Photobombing.

Hopefully June will be a bit warmer, but I’m not packing away any sweaters or pants. Right now I have to head out, because I’m going to the dentist. Which I’m not looking forward to at all, because I hate going to doctors and dentists. Then I’m going to wander around town if it’s not raining. I should probably clean the apartment a little too. Also, I have to blog about this weekend, so I’ll do that tonight. Have a great Monday!

– Sara