Outfit; Summertime Sadness


So, it’s finally June, and it’s ‘summertime’. If you don’t live in Norway. Which I do. I was looking forward to the rain being over and the sun popping out, but it’s been wet, cold and gloomy outside. And my mood is synchronizing with the weather.

Top, skirt, jumper and even probably my underwear – H&M / Shoes – Bianco / Face – Resting Bitch.


No, I am trying to be happy. It just sucks when you wake up, it’s a new day, you do your makeup, you fix your hair. And then you go out and ride your bike to work in the piss cold rain, looking like shit. Aah, summer in Norway. Well, I just wanted to rant about the weather. And show my summer outfit. Which I will be wearing in the fall too. Have a nice Sunday!

– Sara