Fairytale Cupcakes and Tigi and Fudge


So, I’ve been a bit busy these last couple of days. I had monday and tuesday off, but I still had a bit going on. I went for a birthday cupcake with my friend, who had er birthday on monday, I had an Irish cupcake and she had a Rasberry and something I can’t pronounce cupcake.

It’s such a cute place, but the cupcakes are a bit expensive. (Almost 7 dollars for a cupcake, like am I eating diamondflakes or?) After we had our cupcake we just walked around for a little, it was a nice day!
And yesterday I was first at Warehouse (where Tigi/Fudge have their offices and everything) because I was going through some products to get to know more about them! I sat down with the stylist, who was super nice, and she taught me about all the products we have in our salon. It was really great, and Tigi and Fudge has a lot of cool products. Anywho, I want to try to edit a video I filmed a couple of days ago, and then I have to get to work. Bye!

– Sara