It’s fall


So, it is finally September. One of my favorite months. I can’t believe we are already in September! The last year has gone by so fast. Last September my mom and I went to London, and this September we are going to California! We leave in two weeks, and I am so excited.

Anyway, my mom was here this weekend, and we had a nice chill weekend. We didn’t do much, cause the weather was a little shitty. But we went out a little yesterday, and after beeing out almost all day, we went home and made Irish Coffee.

It’s really easy to make, and perfect for a Autumn evening (if you are old enough to drink whiskey of course). I can make a post with the ‘recipe’ I use some time. It’s quite simple.

Well, I am going to make myself a latte, and get ready for work soon. Have a great day!

– Sara