September mornings

So, I’ve been up for two hours already, and I’ve spent most my time reading Harry Potter and drinking a pumpkin spice latte. Very cliche in fall, I know. But I really love the fall, and it’s such a cozy and happy season.

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This was my life yesterday evening, and this morning.

I actually have a lot on my mind, which is why I’ve sat down to write. I have a lot on my mind, but it’s good things. I’m thinking about our California trip, which we leave for in 12 days and 20 hours. I’m thinking about what to pack, and to not forget my passports, and to not forget the camera charger (again), and that I have to go through my phone and delete pictures, so I can take new ones in California, and that I have to remember to bring my scissors, so I can give my dad a haircut. I’ve also been thinking about this contest, that is for hairdressers and apprentices, and whether or not I want to do it. It kind of crashes a bit with our trip, but I might be able to do it after. I’ll just have to see. There is just so many little things going on in my head. But I’m happy, and excited.

I think I might just make some breakfast, and make a little plan to what I would want to do if I enter the contest. Have a great Thursday!

– Sara