Ten days and ducks


So, today was a little bit of a lazy day. But, I did start packing a little for our California trip. It’s still ten more days until we leave, but I’ve already planned what I want to bring, and I love packing. So why not just do it. I only did clothes, but I’m going to put my hairstuff and makeup in my suitcase too.

I packed very light, because I know I will be shopping a little when we get there. But we can also wash clothes and stuff too, so I kept it simple.

After I ‘packed’, we took a bikeride. It was actually really nice, and we are taking another ride on Tuesday. Also, we stopped by this pond that has ducks, and snapped some pictures. Next time I’m bringing bread to give them.

Anywho, I’m going to find the hairproducts and things that I’ll be packing with me, so that that’s out of the way too. Then I’m going to read a little and just chill. Bye!

– Sara