Pretty Odd

So, lately I’ve been in a weird mood. I’ve been happy, but at the same time a little down. The whole fall has been really odd, and time has gone by so fast. We have almost already been back from California for a month! I think that’s one of the main reasons I find it hard to do anything now a days. I have a lot going on in my head, that doesn’t necessarily need to be blogged about. I am super happy in my life, and things are going great, but at the same time the whole situation with my dad being deported back to California is still just a pretty shitty situation. (I know, poor him over in California. Nice, sunny California). No, but we are all doing good, it’s just the being apart part that’s the hard part. We’ve always been pretty close, and I keep thinking that this is going to be our first Christmas ever in 21 years that we are not together. And it’s alright, but we don’t have a choice. That’s what sucks. I can handle not being with my parents for Christmas, (I’m a grown ass woman) but I want it to be because we decided ourselves, not because we can’t.

Anyway, I got way off topic there. I have been wanting to make blog posts and videos and post pictures and stuff, I just need to get back into my routines and ‘normal’ state of mind again. But right now, it’s bedtime. Good night!

– Sara