The final Hunger Games

So, I just really felt like writing about this. Because I have a million mixed feelings about it. I recently just saw the last Hunger Games movie in theaters, and now I feel empty inside (like when Harry Potter ended). I became obsessed with The Hunger Games after seeing the first movie, and then I ran out to pick up the books, and I was mentally gone from this planet while reading those books. So it was bittersweet seeing the last movie.

Through out the whole movie my heart was beating probably seven hundred times per minute. Oscar thought I was just shaking. The whole movie is just so nerve wrecking, and I was trying not to cry. I was actually doing very well, until one of the last scenes. Then I just lost my shit.

I still don’t know how I feel about it being over, but I can always watch the movies over and over, and read the books again. So I’ll be fine. Don’t worry.


– Sara