Brie for breakfast

So, I really haven’t been blogging lately. I don’t know why, couse I have a new, awesome camera. So I can take some nice pictures and film. I just don’t really feel like doing anything I guess. I hate the weather and cold. And I don’t like my apartment right now, so I don’t feel like filming anything here. I just kind of want to move, and decorate my own house, and do whatever. Also, I don’t have a computer right now, because my laptop is shit. So, Oscar is going to help me build a new computer, a stationary one.

Anyway, here is what I had for breakfast.


I had some greek yoghurt with honey and granola, and a toast with brie and apricot peach jam. It was pretty tasty. I decided this week that I want to be a vegetarian (again kind of). When I was like 10-11 I was a vegetarian for like 3 months. And a few years ago I only ate chicken and fish. But now I don’t want to eat any animals. I kind of thought of something I heard on Master chef; If it grows together, it goes together. And I feel like we kind of grow with the animals. Just like bananas and coconuts (deep, i know). I don’t feel like my body needs meat, but I will still eat eggs, cheese and milk.

Anywho, that is what I have been up to lately. Later today Oscar and I are going out for some sweet potato fries and burgers (beet burger for me). Have a great Sunday!

– Sara