We’re having a baby!

So, while we where on vacation back in August, Oscar and I found out we where pregnant! I’m 13 weeks along today, and it was nice passing that 3 month mark. I don’t think I’m going to write to much about it today, because I want to write a post about things a bit more in dept later. I’ll do a post this week about how I’ve been feeling in my first trimester, ’cause that’s a whole post by itself.

So yeah, in April we are getting a new little family member (or members, cause that belly tho). We still haven’t had an ultrasound, that is still 5-7 weeks away, but I can’t wait to hear the heartbeat and find out the gender. That’s all I’ll write today, and I’ll be back with a post about my first three months later.

Also, you’re welcome for awkward babybump pictures. 

– Sara