First trimester

I thought I would write a little about how I’ve been feeling so far in this pregnancy. I think it will be fun to look back at later, and fun for those who want to read about how shitty I’ve been feeling for the past months. Just kidding, it’s not too bad. Anymore.

So, I haven’t been keeping too much track from week to week, cause I’d rather just sum it up a little.

We found out we (we? I? we’s?) where pregnant when I was about 2-3 weeks along. I had been feeling a little bit nauseous now and then, and I was super tired. I wasn’t really feeling too bad until week 4, and it got worse in week 5.

In week 4, when we got back from our vacation (cause we found out in Greece) I started feeling reeeally tired and exhausted. And I was nauseous all the time. So from week 4 to week 9 I felt like shit 24/7. Just being honest here. I was tired all the time, I was gagging, luckily not throwing up too much, and when I first did it was just a little bit. But I felt like I was constantly about to throw up all the time. For five weeks. It sucked. I was feeling pretty bummed for a couple of weeks, and I would just go to work, come home and sleep, and lay on the couch. I kind of felt useless, and like I couldn’t do anything. But I had to keep in mind that I am making a human, so that’s not a useless skill. (That’s pretty freaking cool if I say so myself). But I was kind of wondering where that fucking glow was that I kept hearing about. I did not feel glowy.

When week 9 was over, I stared feeling better. I had a couple of days where I was nauseous, but not as bad, and not the whole day, just a little bit on and off. I also felt like I had a bit more energy. So week 10-13 has been good so far. I’ve only had headaches now and again for the past couple of days. But that might not be the pregnancy. That might be travelling and jet lag. (We are in California right now!)

Oh! And I have been having some weird dreams. I’ve always had a lot of dreams, but now I feel like they are longer, a bit weirder and I remember them more. That has been happening I would say from week 7. Not a lot this past week, but I was dreaming every night for three weeks straight I felt like. Kind of fun, and much better than the nausea.

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A bit more happy about life.

With cravings and stuff the first trimester, I was really wanting sour things. I haven’t had any crazy cravings, but I had days where I really wanted pineapple, mandarins, apples, gummy candy, eggs, and salami. (I haven’t had any meat though, but I was sniffing Oscar salami for a couple of days. Weird, I know). The smell of the refrigerator or food would make med gag, and it was hard to open the fridge from week 6 to week 9. I would gag if I opened a lunchbox of leftovers, and making food was a little tricky.

So to sum it up, this first part of the pregnancy was hard, some times it really just sucked. But it has of course been worth it. (So this kid better be cute and love me forever). I’m going to leave it at that, and when the second trimester is over, I will write about how that has been!

– Sara