Back from Cali!


So, we have already been to and gotten back from California. The week went by pretty fast, but we got to see family and friends, and go to the most beutiful wedding of my life ever. We had a great little week there, and it was nice seeing my dad!

Here are some random pictures. We have more on our camera, but why not share some, especially some donuts.

Best donuts ever. 

Outfit, wearing my pregnancy dress that isn’t a pregnancy dress, but I was asked once if I was pregnant when I wore one time, so now I am embracing it. 

From the wedding.

Getting photobombed by dad. 

That’s a few pics from the trip, I’ll see if I find anything else post worthy. Well, I should’ve probably go to sleep, but I am jetlagged, and I am looking at baby clothes on H&M, and I want to get all the outfits. So I might get some things. He he.

– Sara