Pregnancy anxiousness

I don’t know if my title is even a word. But I have been feeling a bit anxious and worried lately, when it comes to the pregnancy. I am super excited of course, and I’m not nervous about having a baby, but I keep worrying that something will happen, or that I’m doing something wrong. (Of course I am not smoking or drinking or anything). But I just keep thinking “Is this bad for the baby” and “Is the baby getting everything it needs”, and I get scared if I’m not feeling to good. On Tuesday I had an episode at work, where I suddenly got dizzy, my whole body was prickling, I got hot, and I felt like I was going to pass out. And I know it is very normal that the blood sugar suddenly drops, but it was so uncomfortable, and I threw up, and I was alone at work, so I got really scared that something was wrong.

I don’t want to be dramatic and all, and it’s probably normal to not want anything bad to happen, and worry a bit. I just get stressed out, and I’m so far away from my mom, and a lot of my friends, and I only have Oscar here (which is more than enough, he is the best) But not having a lot of girlfriends and my mom around is a little though for me.

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That’s all my thoughts today. Even though pregnancy is fun, and exciting, I also find it a bit challenging and scary. Weird things are happening to my body and mind, and I feel good and bad and all the things. I just want to calm the fuck down for a second, and have some control over my emotions and mind. But it is a overwhelming and lovely process.

– Sara