Hair and belly update

The past month or two I have been doing quite a bit with my hair. And it is currently pink! I’m loving it, and it’s fun to try out different colors. I’m not sure what to do next though. I think I’ll keep it pink for a while actually. (A while meaning at least two months).

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I didn’t really want this post to be about babies and pregnancy too, but I kind of don’t have a lot of other things to talk about, except changing my hair and being pregnant. I feel like I have something to write about now. Not that I had to wait to get pregnant to have something to write about, but it’s nice writing about it, and documenting the process. So here is a documentation of my babybump. I was pretty bloated this day too, but some days it feels pretty big. (So big people have thought I might have twins in there. Which no. I do not. I am just fat. And pregnant. With 1 baby.)

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This was in the end of week 16. I am in the end of week 18 now. Getting huge. And I will leave it at that. I will try blogging again this week, cause on Friday something in is happening!

– Sara