Nice and crappy 


Today was a long ass day. Happy Desember btw. If that’s a thing. The beginning of this month was exhausting, and long. But at the same time nice. How can ONE day be so shitty but so nice? I had a hairdressing exam today, which I think went fine. It was all theoretical, and hairdressing is a lot more theoretical than people think. I delivered 14 handwritten pages, including drawings. My arm is cramped from fingertips to shoulder.

I had enough strength to have a photo session in the bathroom after my exam though. Always finding strength for selfies. After the exam, I went to the salon and did my hair, and I’ve already changed my mind about the color. Being a hairdresser and pregnant at the same time is a bad combo. The brain gets all weird. At least I have this trendy hat for when I bleach it all off and fuck it all up.

Have a lovely weekend!