Misty mornings


It’s not really morning anymore, but I’ve been having a lazy morning today. I’ve had a bit of a headache yesterday, and today, so I slept until 09.00 o’clock, which isn’t really too late, but I like getting up around 08.00 o’clock, when I work late. Anyway, I made myself a nice little breakfast, and I was craving some oatmeal, so I had oatmeal with soymilk, and just added some pomegranate seeds and some brown sugar and cinnamon. And of course a cup of tea. It was so good, and perfect for a chilly morning.

Iv’e just been sat in front of the window all morning, watching vlogs and knitting a bit. Well, trying to unknot the bloody yarn. So I didn’t really get much knitting done, cause I was too pissed to continue after spending 20 minutes fixing the ball of yarn. I should be getting ready for work now, but Mico is nicely tucked in my knitted jacket, so I don’t want to get up. I might have too though, couse I can’t go to work looking like I do now. Have a great day! 

– Sara