Second Trimester


So, time has been flying, and I am actually done with my second trimester! I can’t believe we only have one more trimester. In 12 weeks she will be out. Anyway, I thought I would write a bit about how the second trimester has been. It was a lot better than the first. I haven’t had any nausea, and the tiredness went away as well. I started feeling like myself again in week 13. In week 14 we found out the gender, and that we are having a girl! We booked a gender reveal while we where in California, so my dad got to go with us, and we where really surprised to find out it was a girl, but so happy.

So things where good, and I have been working, and everything just felt much easier. In week 19 we felt the first little kick. Oscar could feel it too, which was pretty exciting. And at the ultrasound in week 19 everything was still looking good. And I was feeling little kicks and movements. In week 25-26 the movement got a bit stronger and bigger, and we could see little kicks. I also started feeling ‘dragging’, like she is dragging an arm or leg across my belly. It is hard to explain, and such a weird feeling. Some of her movements almost make me jump a little, and it tickles some times. It’s such a strange feeling. In week 22-23 I started getting some back pains, in my lower back and in my spine. But nothing too bad, just uncomfortable. I also started getting a uncomfortable feeling in my upper belly, but I think it’s because she was getting bigger, and taking up a bit more space in my belly. Around week 24 I was also feeling like something was going to fall out when I had to pee. I legit thought she was going to pop out, ’cause it was a pressing feeling from the inside. (A bit TMI, but just sayin’). That kind of went away, but I will still feel it sometimes.

So, I had been feeling pretty alright, except for when I slept. I had been sleeping so bad for a couple of weeks, before I bought a Bbhugme pillow, that thing saved my life. It supports my body a lot, so I can actually sleep through the night, without flipping and turning 873 times. Sometimes my hipbones will hurt and feel a bit numb, but I have huge hipbones, so I don’t think that’s normal. I don’t feel hormonal yet, I almost feel less emotional.My temperament is pretty much as it was before (a little bitchy as per usual). Also, my nipples started pippling a little ‘milk’, that was fun. Just like tiny little drops, and my boobs where a bit sore, and started growing a little (finally, after 22 years). I haven’t gained too much weight, last I checked I had gained 11 pounds (5 kilos), I don’t think that’s too bad. My appetite will vary, from being hungry all the time, to getting full super fast.

I haven’t had any weird cravings. I’ve been wanting chocolate, but let’s face it, that’s not really a craving, that’s just me. I really wanted a chocolate spread called Nugatti (but just the sugarfree kind), which I never really liked that much before, I bought three in one week. I also started to eat a little bit chips again, I don’t think I ate chips for about three months, I still don’t really feel like it, they just made me sick. I also haven’t been wanting coffee. Not black at least. I could do a mocha latte or something mild, but the past week I’ve been wanting coffee, still not black though. Also the past week I’ve just really been wanting cereal. Little cravings will come and go. And I’ve been loving banana and curry pizza, but I really liked that before I got pregnant too.

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I guess that’s all I have to say about my second trimester. Sorry for the long post, but it’s hard trying to sum up the past three months in four sentences. Bye!

– Sara