So much babystuff


So, yesterday I was going through the baby clothes and all the things we have gotten. We got her bed and changing table this week, so everything is coming together, and we are getting ready for her to come! As I went through everything, I did realize I have a lot of clothes for her. I’m slightly obsessed with shopping. My mom is too.


Even my cat has realized I have a problem. I have gotten a lot of clothes in different sizes, and baby’s do use a lot of clothes, since things can get messy. Look at me, trying to justify my craziness. But I ain’t ashamed, it’s for a nice cause.

Other than that, I did film a video, showing most the things we got. I will also be showing her changing area and bed, and what we have gotten ready for her. It’s really cute, and it’s only weeks until she’s here!

– Sara