Big and small baby bump rant

So, I’ve thought about this before, but didn’t really want to be a drama queen about it. ‘Cause I aint about that drama. But when it comes to this, it is low key starting to piss me off. (And it’s not hormonal, it’s just annoying now). From the beginning of this pregnancy and up until now (I am currently in week 36), I’ve heard that I’m big and that I’m small, and “maybe there is two in there, he he”. I know the baby bump is a big part of being pregnant, but shit I didn’t think people where that obsessed with size.

I work in a hair salon, and see people every day, some comment on my belly, and some don’t. In my eight week of pregnancy I had a costumer ask if I was pregnant, and that was of course fine. She looked a little shocked, ’cause that early along, it’s not supposed to show, obviously? I don’t know. I was really bloated from the beginning, and she joked about there being two in there. Fine enough. Then another costumer asked me again in week 16 how far along I was, and I told her. Her response was ‘wow, your pretty big then’. My response was ‘….?’ Like, what the fuck do you want me to say, thanks? She also joked about there being two in there. Which at this point, we knew it was just one. So I told her there was just one in there.

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Then I got further along, and I didn’t grow that much, so suddenly I got to hear that I was small for being 6 months pregnant, and that’s what I’ve heard until now, I’m about 8,5 months pregnant now. My colleague was asked today again by the same person who asked if I was pregnant in week 8, if it was sure I wasn’t having twins. So she obviously thinks I look big. First I was huge, and then too small, and then too big again? Big and small compared to what? I’ve never been pregnant before, so who the fuck am I being compared too? How am I supposed to look? Does it matter what I look like? Are strangers worried about the health of my baby or something? I actually asked my midwife if things where normal, since I heard I was small all the time. And everything has been fine since day one. I’ve been healthy, the baby has been healthy, and the heartbeat and movement has all been perfect since the beginning. So who the fuck cares what I look like, and why is that anyone’s concern? Maybe I don’t want your opinion on if I’m big or small.

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I don’t want to sound like a naggy bitch, because I’ve talked about my bump with my friends and family, and I have said myself that I think I look small for being 7 and 8 months pregnant. I thought I would get bigger, since I started out bigger. But it’s a bit different with my friends and family, who know me, and who I talk to about it. And they keep telling me I look good, and what I have a nice baby bump. Strangers don’t need to have an opinion on what I look like. At least they can keep it to themselves. I have other things to think about, other than my size. Like the fact that I’m going to push another human out of my vag in 3-4 weeks. Just let me feel a little normal while I make another person from the inside of my body.

Everyone is different, and every pregnancy is different. Body’s are different, and react differently to being pregnant. I’m just tired of constantly hearing about body’s and what looks ‘right and wrong’ and ‘good and bad’. Let people just have the body they have. Pregnant or not. People don’t need to have opinions on other peoples body’s. Shit.

That’s all I have to rant about today. Drama-mama out.

– Sara