Third Trimester

Wow, I’m already doing my third and last trimester update. This has been the fastest of all three trimesters. I am currently in week 39+5, and our due date is in 5 (!!!) days. I don’t think she’ll be coming on April 10th, but hopefully she comes this week, or at least some time next week. We are really ready to have her now. But I’ll get back to that.

My third trimester has been very nice and easy, throughout this whole pregnancy I’ve been pretty lucky, and I haven’t had to many aches and pains, and luckily I was only sick for a few weeks in the first trimester. So overall I’ve been in good shape and condition!

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The only thing that has been uncomfortable in this third trimester, is the fact that it got harder to breath, because she got a lot bigger, and my symphysis has been aching a little. I think it’s like having pelvic pains, but in the symphysis. (So many difficult words. To make it easier; it felt like I’ve been kicked in the vag). Almost the whole third trimester I’ve been feeling like my pelvic/symphysis area is “loosening” up. If I walked for to long, it would feel as if something loosened and softened in my pelvis. It is really hard to explain, but my body is just getting ready to get the baby through my pelvis, so the bones kind of loosen up. I really feel it at night when I turn from side to side, it’s like a clicking in my groin.

Anyway, enough about my pelvis. The baby’s movements have changed from kicking and punching, to more turning, dragging and stretching. With less space, I can feel her push into my ribs, or the side of my stomach. It can be a little more uncomfortable, but I still love feeling her move around. She is also facing down, and has been for the last month, so most likely, she will not turn. I can feel that she is a lot lower, but still pressing up to underneath my boobs. She’s taken up all the space in my belly. The last month and a half I’ve been feeling a lot heavier too. Like, it gets harder and harder to get up, especially when I’m lying in bed. The last month I’ve felt like I’ve constantly had to pee too. And I do pee like 15-30 times a day probably. Feels like it.

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Other than that, I’ve been doing good. I started working reduced in the middle of February, and my maternity leave started on March 20th. So I’m going to be a stay at home mom for almost a year! I’ve been crocheting, baking, and when I feel like it, gone out and about. I’ve gained 12 kilos (26 pounds), which I don’t think is too bad. But the last few weeks I’ve been eating bit too much cake and sweets. Because I’ve been at home baking (hehe). Oh, and I’ve been wanting to clean and tidy a lot! I was loving chemically and soapy smells. It was weird. No odd food cravings though. Just a sweet tooth.

But I’m getting a little impatient now. We are really excited, and I have been watching a lot of videos on others birth experiences and stuff, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that we can’t plan anything, or control how things will go down, just be prepared and ready. We can’t wait until she gets here! (Even though we have to).

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That’s all I can really think of right now. I’m looking forward to seeing her, and I’ve had a great time being pregnant. It will be weird not having the belly anymore, but so much fun to have our baby!

– Sara