About me

I guess this is where I tell you a bit more about myself. My name is Sara. I am a 22 year old hairdresser, living in Trondheim, Norway. I love cats and coffee. I’m also very into hair and makeup, food, photography and life generally. And right now, life is about becoming a mom, because I am pregnant. We are expecting a baby girl in April, so I’m sharing a bit of my pregnancy experience on my blog, along my thoughts, and pictures. I really like travelling, especially to London and California. I was actually born in California, and have half my family there, and that’s why I like writing in English.

Other than that, I spend my days with my boyfriend and babydady, Oscar and our sphynxcat, Mico. They are really great. I work in a hair salon, called HairShop, with a great team, and I really love spending time with my family and friends. And making eating food and watching TV series. I’ve been a on and off blogger since 2009, and my everyday life is pretty basic, but I hope you find some of the content interesting.

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