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Weekly vlog july 12th – july 21st

Hello! Here’s a little vlog from the past week. Hope you enjoy it! – Sara

Our weekend

Hello! Time is pretty much flying by, and I’m still kind of in my own bubble. Lily is going to be four weeks tomorrow already, and I’m still figuring out our new life.… Continue reading

Lily Marie 

Hello! So, a lot has happened since my last post. We finally had our baby! She was born on April 24th at 04.27 am. She was 4355 grams (9 lbs) and 54 cm… Continue reading

One week overdue

Hello! I am currently super pregnant, and I’m one week overdue. Our due date was the 10th, and I don’t really feel like much is happening. We are going to the hospital tomorrow,… Continue reading

Maternity leave

Hello! So, I have been on maternity leave for a week now, and it feels really weird and really good. I’ve been going to school or working since I was like 5, so… Continue reading

Eight month belly

Hello! I’ve just gotten up and eaten breakfast, and just sat down with my tea to write a little. I have a new video coming later today, which is all the baby stuff.… Continue reading

Ready for Edinburgh

Hello! I’ve just been sat at my computer all afternoon, watching Primark haul videos and “What’s in my diaper bag” videos. I don’t know if I’ve written anything about it, but Oscar and… Continue reading

Weekend with mom

Hello! This weekend was really nice, and I got to relax and charge my batteries a little. My mom came on Friday, and stayed until  yesterday, and we just had a chill and… Continue reading

A new year

Hello! So, Christmas just happened. Desember went by so fast, I couldn’t really keep up. I’ve just been working and growing really. I did have a nice and quiet Christmas, which was much… Continue reading