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Weekend with mom

Hello! This weekend was really nice, and I got to relax and charge my batteries a little. My mom came on Friday, and stayed until  yesterday, and we just had a chill and… Continue reading

Super easy peanut butter cookies

Hello! So, lately I’ve really been wanting peanuttbutter, and the other day I decided to try and make some peanut butter cookies. It is super simple, and you only need four ingredients; 4… Continue reading

Misty mornings

Hello!  It’s not really morning anymore, but I’ve been having a lazy morning today. I’ve had a bit of a headache yesterday, and today, so I slept until 09.00 o’clock, which isn’t really… Continue reading

Cinnamon raisin pumpkin oatmeal

Hello! This morning while I was making a psl, I took some of the pumkin milk, and added oatmeal and raisins to it. It turned out supergood, and it was easy to make.… Continue reading

Pumpkin pancakes

Hello! This morning I wanted to try to make pumpkin pancakes, since I had some pumpkin purée. I’ve been making some pumpkin lattes, cause duh. I love having time in the morning, so… Continue reading

Foggy Sunday morning

Hello! This morning has been really nice, and it’s been foggy since we got up. I love it. Oscar made some pancakes for breakfast, which was super nice. And in an hour we… Continue reading

Video; Green Ginger Smoothie

Hello! So, I tried filming a “food” video, and started off with a simple smoothie. I’m going to work on the lighting and the camera, and find a better setting, but that will… Continue reading

Food of the week

Hello!  So, I kind of suck at this whole blogging thing. I think of things I could  write about but I just don’t. Well, I have been eating, and here are some of… Continue reading

Food of the week 

Hello!  So, after I stopped eating meat (two weeks ago), I have tried out some different things. It’s fun trying to make food in a different way. This is some of the thigs… Continue reading

Brie for breakfast

Hello! So, I really haven’t been blogging lately. I don’t know why, couse I have a new, awesome camera. So I can take some nice pictures and film. I just don’t really feel… Continue reading