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Nice and crappy 

Hello! Today was a long ass day. Happy Desember btw. If that’s a thing. The beginning of this month was exhausting, and long. But at the same time nice. How can ONE day… Continue reading

Hair and belly update

Hello! The past month or two I have been doing quite a bit with my hair. And it is currently pink! I’m loving it, and it’s fun to try out different colors. I’m… Continue reading

Slick back 

Hello!  So, yesterday I tried something new on my friends hair. She wanted to do a ‘wet look’ type hair style, and I had never done that before, but it turned out pretty… Continue reading

Fall hair

Hello! Just popping by quickly to post a pic of my new hairdo. I’m loving it! I felt like chopping of a bit after I took my extensions out, and I’m also planning… Continue reading

New hair, again

Hello! So, I changed my hair again. Not only do I want all the hairstyles, but I work in a hairsalon too. So I change my hair more than I change my toothbrush.… Continue reading

Brondes have more fun

Hello! Lately I’ve seen a lot of gorgeous bronde colors. Brunette meets blonde. And being a hairdresser who wants all the hairstyles, I’m doing something new with my hair now, so I’ve been… Continue reading


Hello! So, this weekend was my birthday. I didn’t really have any plans, but last minute I found out I wanted to do something, so I went out with my boss and her… Continue reading

Busy weekend

  Hello! So, today was a hectic day at work, and it felt really nice to just get home and throw myself on the couch with a glass of wine. I’m off tomorrow, but I… Continue reading

Blue hair

Hello! So, yesterday my boss convinced me to color my hair blue, and I love it! I think it will be just as cool when the color fades too. So fun! If anyone… Continue reading

New hair and new phone

Hello! I have had a great day today, and I decided to finally cut my hair, and get a new phone! I felt since I got some new clothes and jewelry and stuff… Continue reading