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Maternity leave

Hello! So, I have been on maternity leave for a week now, and it feels really weird and really good. I’ve been going to school or working since I was like 5, so… Continue reading

Edinburgh outfit

Hello! I almost forgot I made Oscar take som pictures of me in Edinburgh. He loves taking outfit pics. Jk. I have a couple of other pictures too, that I will post, and… Continue reading

Maternity shopping

Hello! So, I’ve been growing a bit lately, and it’s about time I start buying some maternity clothes, especially pants! I’ve been living in tights and stockings and dresses, because I literally can’t… Continue reading

Greece Outfit – Maxidress

Hello!  Here’s another outfit from the trip. We walked around the old market, and took some pictures and saw lots of cats. It was a good day.  Dress, sunglasses and sandals –  H&M… Continue reading

Greece outfit – cactus shirt and brown skirt

Hello!  So as the title reads, I wore a shirt with cactus’s and plants on and a brown skirt the other day. I love this t-shirt, and I can wear it with almost… Continue reading

Greece outfit – sandals and shirtdress

Hello!  Here is one of the outfits I wore in Greece. I will try posting a couple of theese, couse I brought a few cute outfits, and I force Oscar to take pictures… Continue reading

London outfit, ugh.

Hello!  So, Oscar and I were recently in London for some work, and for some Harry Potter touring. We left Tuesday night, and on Wednesday we went to the Warner Bros studio tour,… Continue reading

Outfit; black and white

Hello! So, today has gone by quick. I didn’t have a lot of clients today, so I did a lot of cleaning in the salon. It’s nice to get some cleaning and things… Continue reading

Outfit; jeans and sandals

Hello! So, I’ve been so busy lately, and I don’t even know what I have been doing. I just never find time to do things I should. Anyway, I have had time to… Continue reading

Outfit; Ready for summer

Hello! So, yesterday there was no rain (that I witnessed). So I decided to wear something summery. It’s not really been summer here yet, so hopefully we’ll have a couple of nice days… Continue reading