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PACKING UP AND EATING BANANAS | vlog august 21st – august 24th

VEGAN FOOD HAUL | vlog august 8th – august 12th

Weekly vlog july 12th – july 21st

Hello! Here’s a little vlog from the past week. Hope you enjoy it! – Sara

Video; Baby names I love but might not use

Hello! So, I did another video talking about my top 10 baby names that I love, but might not use. We are not having another baby yet, but when we do this might… Continue reading

Weekly vlog June 21st – June 24th

Here’s a little vlog from last week! – Sara

Video: My labour and delivery story

Hello! So, I finally made my labour and delivery story video. It’s a bit long and bably, but I hope you still enjoy it! – Sara

Video: Meet Lily

Hello! So, I finally edited and uploaded a video again. I wan’t to start vlogging more too, and try posting once a week, I just have to figure shit out and get into… Continue reading

Weekly vlog April 2nd – April 8th

Hello! So, here’s this weeks vlog. It’s a bit shorter (finally) and a bit chatty. – Sara

Weekly vlog march 26th – april 1st

Hello! Here’s another weekly vlog! I’m having a fun time vlogging, even though it might be a bit boring for others to watch. At least it gives me something to do while I’m… Continue reading