My BFF and I

Hello!  So, I was home last week, and I didn’t take to many pictures, but I took a couple of my best friend Pia and I!      Me: top – Bik Bok… Continue reading

New website!

Hello! So, I’ve been working on this website for the past two-three weeks. And, it has been a pain in the arse, but I think I’ve gotten my shit together, and figured out… Continue reading

VIDEO; Favorites #1

Hello! So, I filmed a video a couple of weeks ago, that I kind of forgot about, so here it is now! Hope you like it! – Sara

Yesterdays outfit; gray and black

Hello! So I just got home from work, and I’m about to eat a little before I head back out to meet a friend for coffee. But I thought I would share yesterdays… Continue reading

Cravings; Classy and Funky

Hello! So, I’ve been browsing the interweb almost all day, cause let’s face it, what else do you do on a sunday when your a little bit hungover? I stumbled on to a… Continue reading

Outfit; BAM!

Hello! So, yesterday it was such nice weather, and I made Oscar take some pictures of me. It’s so nice to see the sun again, and I loved wearing my new pink coat.… Continue reading

Big soy breakfast

Hello! I just had a huge, tasty breakfast. I had some soy vanilla yoghurt with crüsli and strawberries. And I made a soy vanilla chai lattè. So nice! I have been trying to… Continue reading

VIDEO; Makeup Haul – Smashbox, Real Techniques and London!

Hello! I filmed a makeup haul! Hope you enjoy it. – Sara

Movies to watch

Hello! This week I saw two great movies, that I wanted to share. I love movies that are based on something, or true stories. It kind of gives you a different impression of… Continue reading

Blue hair

Hello! So, yesterday my boss convinced me to color my hair blue, and I love it! I think it will be just as cool when the color fades too. So fun! If anyone… Continue reading