Waffle breakfast

Hello! I’m almost on my way out, but I wanted to share a picture of our breakfast. We had waffles! I love waffles. Since we didn’t have milk, I tried a recipe with… Continue reading

VIDEO; Grungy Purple Makeup

Hello! – Sara

Smashbox Full Exposure and Real Techniques

Hello! So, I am back home now, and I’ve been here since thursday. I was shopping yesterday with my mom and grandma, and I got some stuff I was thinking of showing when… Continue reading

Tasty weekend

Hello! This weekend has been really lazy, and I’ve mostly been sitting inside eating. Since the weather here in Trondheim was so bad, I ad no intention of going outside. It had been… Continue reading

Vitamin E from The Body Shop

Hello! I’ve just made a tuna salad sandwich and put some kale chips in the oven, it’s the first time I’m trying to make kale chips, so I hope they turn out nice.… Continue reading

Today is a good day to be happy

Hello! So, today we slept until 9.30, and it felt good just not putting an alarm on. I love Sunday mornings. The first thing I did was to start baking bread and chocolate… Continue reading

Video; London trip 2015

Hello! So Movie Maker finally stopped being a shit, and I got to edit the clips from London. Not really any talking, but I added some music and made like a video collage.… Continue reading

New hair and new phone

Hello! I have had a great day today, and I decided to finally cut my hair, and get a new phone! I felt since I got some new clothes and jewelry and stuff… Continue reading

Think pink

Hello! So, I kind of promised Oscar and myself I wouldn’t do any shopping until at least after summer. I literally said that at the airport on our way back from London. But… Continue reading

London Pictures

Hello! Iv’e slightly edited some photos from our London trip. We didn’t take a crazy amount of pictures, but we filmed a little too, so I will try to edit and upload that… Continue reading