Weekly vlog march 26th – april 1st

Hello! Here’s another weekly vlog! I’m having a fun time vlogging, even though it might be a bit boring for others to watch. At least it gives me something to do while I’m… Continue reading

Weekly vlog March 20th – March 26th

Hello! So, this is kind of my first attempt at a weekly vlog. It’s a bit long, but I’ll try cutting them a little shorter in the future. I’m still trying to get… Continue reading

Maternity leave

Hello! So, I have been on maternity leave for a week now, and it feels really weird and really good. I’ve been going to school or working since I was like 5, so… Continue reading


Hello! I made a video showing what we will be bringing with us to the hospital, when we go to have our baby! I feel like I’ve packed alright (after watching every other… Continue reading

Big and small baby bump rant

Hello! So, I’ve thought about this before, but didn’t really want to be a drama queen about it. ‘Cause I aint about that drama. But when it comes to this, it is low… Continue reading

Video: Baby clothes and essentials

Hello! I did a video showing all the things we have for the baby so far. I’m pretty sure we have everything we need, but if you happen to see anything missing, let… Continue reading

Eight month belly

Hello! I’ve just gotten up and eaten breakfast, and just sat down with my tea to write a little. I have a new video coming later today, which is all the baby stuff.… Continue reading

So much babystuff

Hello! So, yesterday I was going through the baby clothes and all the things we have gotten. We got her bed and changing table this week, so everything is coming together, and we… Continue reading

VIDEO: NYX Love contours all – first impression

Hello! So, I’m back with another video! This time it’s a makeup video. I just picked up this NYX Love Contours All palette, and did a little first impression of it. Watch the… Continue reading

VIDEO: Baby Clothing Haul 2017

Hello! So, here’s the video of what we got for the baby while we where in Edinburgh. I will probably do a video showing all the other clothes we have gotten for her.… Continue reading