VIDEO: Primark haul 2017

Hello! So, here’s a video showing what I bought at Primark when we where in Edinburgh. They had a nice, big Primark there, so I got quite a bit of stuff. The baby… Continue reading

Edinburgh outfit

Hello! I almost forgot I made Oscar take som pictures of me in Edinburgh. He loves taking outfit pics. Jk. I have a couple of other pictures too, that I will post, and… Continue reading

Edinburgh 2017 minivlog

Hello! So, we spent two days in Edinburgh last week. I didn’t film a lot, because first of all, it was cold, and the first day was pretty rainy, and second of all,… Continue reading

Ready for Edinburgh

Hello! I’ve just been sat at my computer all afternoon, watching Primark haul videos and “What’s in my diaper bag” videos. I don’t know if I’ve written anything about it, but Oscar and… Continue reading

Weekend with mom

Hello! This weekend was really nice, and I got to relax and charge my batteries a little. My mom came on Friday, and stayed until  yesterday, and we just had a chill and… Continue reading

Super easy peanut butter cookies

Hello! So, lately I’ve really been wanting peanuttbutter, and the other day I decided to try and make some peanut butter cookies. It is super simple, and you only need four ingredients; 4… Continue reading

Second Trimester

Hello! So, time has been flying, and I am actually done with my second trimester! I can’t believe we only have one more trimester. In 12 weeks she will be out. Anyway, I… Continue reading

New year, new blog?

Hello! So, I’ve been thinking about what I want my everyday life to be like. As we all probably do some times. And in the 7 years that I have been blogging, I… Continue reading

A new year

Hello! So, Christmas just happened. Desember went by so fast, I couldn’t really keep up. I’ve just been working and growing really. I did have a nice and quiet Christmas, which was much… Continue reading

My top 10 Christmas songs

Hello!  So, while we where baking gingerbread cookies and listening to Christmas songs, I was thinking of some of my favorite Christmas songs. And here is a list of some of them.  1.… Continue reading