First trimester

Hello! I thought I would write a little about how I’ve been feeling so far in this pregnancy. I think it will be fun to look back at later, and fun for those… Continue reading

We’re having a baby!

Hello! So, while we where on vacation back in August, Oscar and I found out we where pregnant! I’m 13 weeks along today, and it was nice passing that 3 month mark. I… Continue reading

Cinnamon raisin pumpkin oatmeal

Hello! This morning while I was making a psl, I took some of the pumkin milk, and added oatmeal and raisins to it. It turned out supergood, and it was easy to make.… Continue reading

Pumpkin pancakes

Hello! This morning I wanted to try to make pumpkin pancakes, since I had some pumpkin purée. I’ve been making some pumpkin lattes, cause duh. I love having time in the morning, so… Continue reading

Foggy Sunday morning

Hello! This morning has been really nice, and it’s been foggy since we got up. I love it. Oscar made some pancakes for breakfast, which was super nice. And in an hour we… Continue reading

Autumn again

Hello. It’s finally autumn again. Photos: Pinterest I can’t wait to have pumpkin spice latte’s and try some new recipes. And dressing more autumny. My favorite time to make food and bake is… Continue reading

We moved!

Hello! So, the past month had been a little bit busy. Right after we got home from Greece, we moved to a new apartment/house. We have a much bigger place now, and Oscar’s… Continue reading

Greece Outfit – Maxidress

Hello!  Here’s another outfit from the trip. We walked around the old market, and took some pictures and saw lots of cats. It was a good day.  Dress, sunglasses and sandals –  H&M… Continue reading

Greece outfit – cactus shirt and brown skirt

Hello!  So as the title reads, I wore a shirt with cactus’s and plants on and a brown skirt the other day. I love this t-shirt, and I can wear it with almost… Continue reading

Sightseeng in Greece

Hello!  So, I haven’t really had great internet, and my 4G has run out. But here are some pictures from the last couple of days. I have a ton of cat pictures too,… Continue reading